Peter Muller (1927 – )

05 May 2016 .

Peter Muller was born and educated in Adelaide. After graduating from the University of Adelaide he moved to Sydney to worth with Hennessey and Hennessey, and was the first Australian architect to be awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to study in the United States.


Muller returned to Sydney after two years in Pennsylvania, and was soon drawn to the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. He connected with Wright’s strong beliefs in the intrinsic value of using natural materials, as opposed to the recent introduction of modernism into Australia by architects such as Harry Seidler.


Muller was an influential part of the so-called ‘Sydney School’, largely through his respect for the natural landscape. He moved to Japan in 1961, further developing his love for timber and fine craftsmanship. After returning to Sydney, Muller worked on several commercial projects, and later focused mainly on domestic architecture. Muller continued to favour natural materials throughout his career, with an organic philosophy of a harmony between building and site.


Hallmarks of Muller Residential Design:

• Long low lines with hovering planes that extend laterally to become porches or porte cochères
• Flexible open planning
• Overlapping volumes
• Incorporation of landscape
• Preference for materials that show age and develop over time, such as copper, stone and timber
• Use of ‘snotted’ brickwork with the mortar oozing out of the joints
• Utilisation of passive solar energy to allow the winter sun to enter and provide protection form the sun during summer


peter muller 1













Audette House, Castlecrag
Peter Muller, 1953


peter muller 2













‘Snotted’ brick detail
Audette House, Castlecrag


peter muller 3











Muller House, Whale Beach
Peter Muller, 1955


Peter muller 4
















Richardson House, Palm Beach
Peter Muller, 1957







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