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This renovation by architects Kennedy Nolan involves the modernisation and extension of an Arts and Crafts house in Melbourne. At MHM, we consider this architecture firm to be one of the leaders in sympathetic renovation of old houses.  Their skill lies in their ability to artfully highlight the important features of the old and to interpret the style in a contemporary fashion.  We hear all the right lines like “it was important to allow what was already there to sing. we didn’t want to match it but rather take our cues from it, which we ultimately do when working on all alterations and additions”.



In this particular case the existing home was internally re-organised to add a new sense of scale to the interiors and to create a direct link with the garden.They have used various techniques to separate visually the new and the old such as internal level changes.


The original lead lighting was preserved.  Arts and Craft style roof pitches and colour palette were interpreted in the new design. Steel farmed bays facing the garden were over scaled and reference double height stone mullion window bays typically found in Arts and Craft homes.













The first floor main bedroom has dramatic steel window blades which are designed to be bother decorative and practical.  Assisting with views, privacy and shading.




The garden has been developed to support the overall architectural look creating a park like setting sympathetic to the house style.




Project Architect: Kennedy Nolan
Photography: Derek Swalwell
Sources: Kennedy Nolan website
'Original Thinking' by Carli Philips, Bell Magazine

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