De Russie Suites Mudgee and Orange, NSW , Australia

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In 2007, Mark and Lisa Madigan opened de Russie Suites, an apartment suite hotel, in the NSW rural town of Orange.  The hotel has been described as a ‘unique combination of Tuscany and Rome’. They were inspired by the quality of various lodgings they had stayed at in their trip throughout Europe. In January 2012 they opened their second boutique hotel in the historic country town of Mudgee.






In both cases the couple chose existing older buildings as the base.  Their first project incorporated an existing 1950s red brick residential unit building on a site surrounded by heritage buildings.  Originally a block of ground floor flats, the building was gutted to a shell before a new concrete slab was poured and a second storey, a new façade and reception block was added.  An indoor pool was added at the rear.  While the end result is virtually a brand new building and the bricks used have a contemporary feel, the building sits well into the existing streetscape and is often mistaken for an old building.  They have used Greenway Roman Split bricks which are unique in their colour, texture and non-standard size with a height of 50mm against the standard 76mm.


In Mudgee, they transformed an 1865 Mechanics Institute Building into thirteen suites. The exterior of the old building has hardly been touched and inside any original features have been retained. These kind of restorations always require compromise as the owner seeks to retain as much as the glory of the old building whilst providing a high degree of luxury and convenience.


They have lined the staircase with photos which tell the story of the Mechanics’ Institute building through the years. Lighting illuminates the beams of the original high-vaulted ceiling. Original features include towering sash windows, verandahs and floorboards.


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