Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, Milan, Italy

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Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, is the new restaurant of celebrated Italian chef Carlo Cracco, together with Tanja Solci and Nicola Fanti.


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Housed in a 1930s sawmill (“segheria” in Italian) in Milan, the space has preserved most of its industrial character, with touches of glamour from a suite of cut-crystal chandeliers, elegant vintage crockery by Richard Ginori, and designer chairs from Cappellini.


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The old building is owned by Tanja Salci, who is responsible for the interior design. Industrial heritage features such as the concrete floor, peeling walls, very high timber ceiling with exposed beams and iron windows, contrast with and enhance the theatrical furnishing and lighting. Two 30 metre long white cedar-wood tables are set with exquisite out-of-production Richard Ginori chinaware.


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Oh and apparently the food is quite good too! The kitchen is entrusted to Emanuele Pollini (once sous-chef at Clooney, Auckland) and Simone Gobbi.  The  bartender is Filippo Sisti (former barman at Four Seasons and Rita) who is said to have created a very impressive cocktail list.


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The photos really say it best.


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