The Roll Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland

06 July 2015 . Tags: , , , , , ,

THE Roll Hotel, which is essentially a mobile hotel, has opened in Luzern, Switzerland, and will operate from 29 May to 4 October 2015.




























A tastefully refurbished 1960s caravan suitable for two adults, the concept is to allow guests the chance to enjoy the best of Lake Luzern’s surrounds without the fuss of renting an actual caravan or campervan or paying premium prices for a hotel room with a view.



























The Australian and New Zealand director of Switzerland Tourism, Mark Wettstein, said it was ideally suited to travellers who enjoy the simple pleasures of a caravan but who didn’t want to have to drive it around looking for space and parking permits.


“It’s all seamlessly arranged for travellers,” he said. “You simply pick the location from the list of places on offer around the lake, jump on a train, boat or bus using your Swiss Travel Pass, and the Roll Hotel will be at your desired location waiting for you.”


The launch will see the caravan placed in locations to tie in with Gastival, the four-month-long celebration around Lake Luzern to commemorate 200 years of tourism in Luzern.


Prices for the Roll Hotel start at $335 per couple, per night, and include breakfast.  Click here to learn more about this delightfully quirky concept.

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