Federation Style (1901–1916)

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• Red brick walls (though some were built of stone, and several of timber)
• Dominant roofs, often broken by false gables and capped by terracotta frilled ridges
• A verandah under the main roof, featuring decorative timber work and floor tiles
• Casement and headlight windows at the front.
• Bay windows
• Use of subtle colours such as cream and brown or cream and Indian red
• Pressed metal ceiling were popular

Federation houses were an Australian version of the English Edwardian house. Distinctly urban, Federation-style housing was developed to meet the demands of the newly prosperous middle class who wanted to display their new wealth following Federation itself in 1901. New suburbs developed with the extension of rail, tram and ferry services and single storied detached houses and semi-detached pairs of houses replaced terraces. Although the federation houses borrowed styles for many countries and eras, from English Queen Anne to Art Nouveau, they had a distinctly nationalistic flavour.

Federation Queen Anne Style

Alba Longa located in Appian Way in Burwood, built in 1907


Federation Arts and Crafts Style


Craignairn located in 37 Burns Rd, Wahroonga, built in 1909 by Howard Joseland.

Federation Bungalow


Torcello located in Burwood, built in 1907

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