Late Victorian or Boom Style (1870 – 1890)

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Heavily ornamented facades using a combination of plaster, stone, coloured bricks, terra-cotta, mosaic tiles and marble; or the entire exterior plastered and painted.
The Combination of a variety of styles eg Gothic and Italianate
Leadlight windows
Service wing at the rear included the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
Parapets were widely used, heavily decorated to hide galvanised roofing
Roofing could also be patterned slate or zinc
Terraces became taller and incorporated ornamented parapets and projecting verandah wing walls

The Boom Style reflects the prosperity of the Gold Rush and the resultant economic boom of the 1880’s.  These homes are usually recognisable by their lavish decoration and highly detailed ornamentation to the external facade.  Mass production of decorative features that had previously been hand crafted meant they became available to everyone and new railways distributed them throughout the State.  Cast iron lace work was made locally and used frequently.  The construction of terraced houses which has been built in the inner suburbs since the 1840s reached a peak during this period.

Glenwood circa 1886 in Arncliffe

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