Victorian Gothic (1850-1880)

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Larger windows with larger panes
Steeply pitched (45 to 60˚) roof gables
The grandest villas were constructed from stone with heavy timber detailing. If built in brick, the front facade was usually rendered and lined out to look like masonry.
Elaborately carved timber barge-boards and fretwork
Pointed arch forms in verandah decoration and windows
Tall chimneys with sculptured chimney pots
Often narrow casement windows with leadlight panes
Surrounding gardens had thickets of trees and shrubbery or gravelled walkways amongst geometric flower beds with picket fences.

This style took the basic elements of Gothic and allowed individual designers to adapt those features into unique homes. The gothic taste is said to reflect nostalgia for England and a romantic view of the world. It was primarily used for churches, but some homes were built in this style.

Roslyndale, Woollahra, built circa 1856 and designed by Francis Clarke

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