Post War International Style (1940-1960)

31 May 2013 . Tags: ,

Cubi-form overall shape
Large sheets of glass
Plain, smooth wall surfaces
Structural frame expressed
Corbusian window motif
External sun control devices
Overhang for shade
Contrasting textures
Curtain wall

In Australia, the Post War International Style increased in popularity during the 1950s through the curtain-walled, reinforced concrete office block and the flat roofed, cubiform glass walled house. Such houses were considered radical when they first appeared in Sydney. Harry Seidler and Sydney Ancher had several well publicised battles with Sydney councils, who were strongly opposed to houses with flat roofs. These early examples were characterised by their extensive use of steel, glass and open planning.

Rose Seidler House designed by Harry Seidler, Wahroonga, NSW

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