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O' Reilly's Bonded Stores to be demolished

Brisbane Time's Marissa Calligeros reports on the seemingly tragic decision of the Queensland Heritage Council to allow the demolition of the historic O'Reilly's Bonded Stores in Brisbane's CBD.   Despite receiving 2000 submissions from residents and community groups supporting Read More

National Trust criticises sale of public housing in Millers Point

More than 400 public housing residents will be moved from their Sydney Harbour foreshore addresses following a NSW government decision to sell off the valuable properties. The residents will be rehoused over the next two years.  Just under Read More

Fears overhaul of planning laws will be forced through

The new NSW Planning Bill was not passed by the Upper House, but there is concern that the government may be intending to use other means.  An article by Seam Nicholls from the Sydney Morning Herald discusses threats in NSW to best practice Read More

Is Fairfax mansion a demolition risk?

Shae McDonald, journalist for the Wentworth Courier, talks in his article 'Fairfax Mansion demolition risk' of his concern that Elaine, the Fairfax family's historic Point Piper mansion, may be at risk of demolition without the protection of a Read More

Simon Thurley: 'With Stonehenge we had six days of bedlam. We

Simon Thurley describes himself as an historian, archaeologist, curator, writer, broadcaster, museum director and heritage crusader. He is currently Chief Executive of English Heritage. In November 2013 he published his latest book The Building of England. It is the Read More

Barry O'Farrell criticised for Office of Environment move

From the 24th of February, the Office of Environment and Heritage will become a public service agency and will no longer be considered within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. When Barry O'Farrell abolished the Department of Environment in Read More

Concern about sale of state government’s heritage classics

Nicole Hersham, Sydney Morning Herald’s Urban Affair Reporter, comments on the proposed sale of Sydney’s Department of Lands buildings at 23 Bridge Street Sydney.  The NSW state government is attempting to sell this iconic Renaissance Revival –style building Read More

A fleeting moment, not real bridge to past, Elizabeth Farelly, Sydney

Elizabeth Farelly is a Sydney-based author, architecture critic, essayist, columnist and speaker. In  her funny yet poignant take on the recent Fleet review, she points out that: “ for the cost of this hoopla [$40 million], we could have Read More

Sign of the Times: When Renovation Means Erasing the Past

  Harry Mount is an English author and journalist. In his article, Mount laments how the excessive alteration or demolition of historic homes has resulted in a global style of architectural homogeneity. Click here to read the article in full: Read More

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