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MHM loves A Magazine – curating the interesting & beautiful.  It is your definitive online arts and lifestyle hub, devoted to bringing readers the latest in food, culture, design and travel. The magazine was founded by Susan Harte and operates with the indispensable support of her creative team of writers and contributors.



Photograph by Katie Quinn Davies



A former lawyer, Susan’s career and family life took her from New Zealand to London, France, New York and Sydney where, luckily for us, she now lives with her husband and three children.  MHM originally came across Susan, many years ago, when she found us with our head poked through the bars of her garden gate.  In our defence, we were enviously admiring her stunning heritage listed 1920s home, complete with convict hewn sandstone landscaping and picturesque sunken garden. Susan Harte, is one of the most stylish people we know, and is definitely a kindred spirit!  Click here to learn more about the launch of A Magazine and to drool over the beautiful photographs of Where It All Started.





It is best to borrow A Magazine’s own words to describe the appeal of this inspirational online resource:


“We know that in our busy lives we are constantly bombarded with information, so we pride ourselves on our selective eye, sharing only what we think is the very best of what’s out there: unique restaurants, under-the-radar art exhibitions, quirky, one-of a-kind holidays – luxury mixed with a little attitude. We are dedicated to exploring and creating, selecting and sharing ideas that will inspire you, not overwhelm you.”


Become a member of A Magazine and start you own A List – click and save articles you find interesting in A Magazine – the places, people and designs you love, so you can reference them later from your own personal A List folder.


Oh and did I mention it is FREE. Dont waste a moment! Click here to subscribe.






Photograph by Katie Quinn Davies




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