Photographer Jiang Pengyi

01 January 2014 . Tags: , ,

MHM loves Chinese photographer Jiang Pengyi.


Jiang lives and works in Beijing and Hangzhou, China . We first saw his powerful works in 2012 at the Hong Kong Art Fair and they remain on MHM’s wish list.  His works from the 2012 series About Unregistered City and Luminant are said to:


“illuminate the rapid development of town planning and architecture in contemporary China as an alternate sampling of capitalization and globalization, and how it excludes and erases all elements of an ancient culture. The Unregistered City series reveals the illusory nature of the city and the world, while the Luminant series manifests the detachment from reality in today’s mainland Chinese cities.”




All his works are powerful.  In an even earlier series entitled All Back to Dust:


“massive real-life buildings turn into miniatures and are placed among junk, brushed aside like forgotten beings. Through his expression, Jiang sets out to override the rapid urbanization in the city and to unmask its illusory nature.”































Jiang is represented by Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong.  His works are sold as editions of up to eight. Contact the gallery for further information

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