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MHM Loves Pyrolave, a counter-top material made from enameled lava rock. The rock is extracted by hand from open-air quarries in France and then cut into slabs, glazed with enamel, and fired in a kiln at 1300 degrees. During cooling a smooth crackled finish develops, which is the signature look of lava stone countertop.  The finish is either shiny or matte ultra smooth crackled finish.





The positive aspects of this product include the fact that it is non-porous; highly resistant to stains, scratches, shock, and temperature changes; low maintenance; durable; each slab is completely unique; available in a wide variety of colors and can be made seamless.


The major disadvantge is that it is  VERY EXPENSIVE!; it is currently only produced in France  by Pyrolave and since it is a newer product its longevity hasn’t been tested.


It is very elegant so if you have the time and the money click here to contact the Australian distributor.


Our favourite colour is the ivorie matt with its almost retro look.








We also love the tiles.



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