XL Lampes Gras In and Out

12 August 2015 . Tags: , , , ,

MHM Loves XL Lampes Gras In and Out, an outdoor lighting range has been launched by the French company DCW éditions.


gras lights 2




































Normally, outdoor lights are wall washers, they illuminate the wall. These lights shine light out from the wall.


gras lights 3





































The XL Lampes Gras In and Out create a new outdoor living space in which the lighting, often a neglected feature with exteriors, becomes a focus.


gras lights






































These lights are a natural solution for modern housing design where the lines between inside and outside have become increasingly blurred.  Importantly however they are suited to all architectural styles: from old houses to contemporary designs.


gras lights 4



The Lampes Gras Outdoor range is designed for durability and weather-resistance, using materials made to resist the elements: stainless steel for the body, silicon for the waterproof seals, borosilicate glass for the reflector casing.  The range is available locally from Spence and Lyda. Click here to order.

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