Sydney Harbour Control Tower at Barangaroo to be demolished

30 July 2015 .

Saving our industrial heritage is difficult.  While don’t always agree with this view, we understand that the general public often consider these items to be eyesores.  Any decision to retain them as heritage items can become especially complicated when they are located in significant locations.  This week the NSW State Government has given approval for the Sydney Harbour Control Tower at Barangaroo to be demolished. The NSW Heritage Council recommended that it be listed on the state heritage register, affording it the highest level of protection. This push was rejected by Heritage Minister Mark Speakman.

We sit on the fence with this one, although we hope the Government goes ahead with plans to replace the tower with a “interpretive historical display” focusing on maritime history and Millers Point.  Click here to read more from Leesha McKenney, Urban Affairs Reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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